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by the police. >> the prompt action against all crime will alone bring about a respect of law. >> reporter: more incidents have already emerged. a 17-year-old woman was gang raped in november in the northern state of punjab. she later took her own life. media reports say the police pressured her to drop her case and settle out of court. at a symposium on rape in new delhi last week, attendees said stricter punishments would not be enough. they said society needs to change and respect every single woman. >> translator: simply changing laws is not enough. what is needed is a change in mind sets. >> reporter: india is one of the world's emerging economic giants. it claims a unique position, different to its rival china, as the world's most populous democracy. but the question remains as to what action india will take to guarantee human rights, a vital pillar of a democratic society. rape has drawn public attention at home and abroad to this critical question. nhk world, new delhi. >>> afghanistan is set to receive some of the world's most advanced military hardware to beef up its defenses against a
.n. convention on the law of the sea. >>> u.s. diplomats are trying to punish north korea for firing off a rocket last month they presented a draft lest solution to the u.n. security council aimed at tightening existing sanctions. the draft condemns the launch as a missile test that violated security council resolutions. it also urges north koreans to end their nuclear development program. the draft lists additional sanction targets, including individuals and government organizations such as the space agency. american diplomats work with counterparts from japan and south korea to push for sanctions. five of the six were taken to court on monday to enter their please. defense lawyers raise the possibility that one of those five is a minor. the hearing was postponed after defense lawyers called on the hearing to be opened to the public. the court is scheduled to reconvene on thursday. the government and police are pledging to do more to protect women and punish attackers, but incidents of violence continue to come to light. >> reporter: public outrage has continued in india. it's not just against t
's increased maritime activities a shared concern. he said all nations involved must abide by international law. prime minister says he understands japan's stance and gives his country's backing. vietnam and some of his neighbors have territorial disputes with china over islands in the south china sea. after the meeting, the two leaders held a joint news conference them said they will work together on various challenges facing southeast asia. >> translator: we have agreed the two countries will jointly tackle issues that concern east asia. we'll also cooperate in the fields of political peace and stability. >> prime minister zhun said they agreed that all conflicts and issues shall be resolved through peace and international law. >>> operate however japan's two main airlines have ground their fleets of 787 dream liners. the decision follows the latest incident with boeing's troubled plane. all nippon airway 787 made an emergency landing on wednesday in wrern western japan. alarms indicated there was smoke in the cockpit and a problem with a battery. the ana 787 made an emergency touchdown at t
obey international law. he spoke in indonesia the final stop of his first trip abroad since taking office last month. japan and china are at odds over islands in the east china sea which the japanese control but the chinese and taiwanese claim. >> translator: there's no doubt that this brings growth to japan. but we should respond in the international community as the presence grows. >> abe said the security council should adopt a new resolution that would include further sanctions against north korea. abe has been juggling a number of priorities since his party took power last month. >> reporter: abe has done this job before. now he's getting a refresher course in diplomacy. he went on this tour to sound out leaders who share his concerns about china. he says chinese ships are becoming increasingly assertive. but abe is also keeping an eye on what's going on back home. he has promised to pull japan out of deflation and revitalize the economy. and he wants to reinforce ties with countries considered to be engines of growth. abe had hoped to make washington his first foreign visit.
to reform gun control laws since the mass shooting last month at an elementary school in connecticut. his proposal has prompted protest rallies across the country. >>> assertions that part of a rocket launched by north korea in december was made in china could influence u.n. security council discussions. the body is considering possible responses to the launch. south korea's military has analyzed debris from the rocket salvaged from the yellow sea. including a first stage fuel tank. sources say some of the debris appears to be from china and four other countries. u.n. resolutions ban member countries from exporting missile parts to north korea. many countries view the launch as a test of the north's long-range missile technology. china has traditionally defended the north at the security council. >>> u.s.-based group human rights watch has called on the united nations to look into abuses at north korea. parents of a japanese abducted by the north joined the appeal. the group's tokyo office chief has said the world has focused on the north's nuclear programs, not its human rights record an
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5